For Successful Relationships, Creating Family, and Enjoying Life


What I offer

You may be surprised to discover what a wonderfully rich, deeply fulfilling journey psychotherapy can be, just like the potential for your life truly is.  There is always a way to create positive change.

I have been helping people to do so for 25 years as a licensed, clinical psychotherapist and would be honored to help you, as well.  In our work together, you will have my absolute dedication to your emotional healing and well-being.  In addition, I will help you stay motivated on your biggest, best relationship goals and try out new ways of relating that are more fulfilling, and more real for you.  Within our therapeutic relationship you can discover what it feels like to be truly cared about, really listened to, and taken seriously.  Together we'll face your life challenges, and together we'll find the right way through for you to relationship success, and a life of your own choosing.